Padova Colombia S.L. with registered office in Madrid (Spain), and Padova S.A.S. with registered office and tax domicile in Cali (Colombia), administrator of the website (“Website”) jointly Padova USA LLC. with registered office in Miami (United States), the company operating directly in the international sales of PADOVA branded products, are jointly referred to as “PADOVA”), recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal data (“PADOVA”), and recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal data (“PADOVA”), integrity and security of your personal data (“Personal Data”) and hereby inform you that all Personal Data you provide to PADOVA through the Website, as well as any Personal Data you provide at any PADOVA store, including also related companies and/or affiliates (collectively the “PADOVA Group”), will be processed in accordance with the current European privacy legislation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 “RGPD”) and with Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights, together with the general principles and rules of conduct contained in the Code of Ethics adopted by the PADOVA Group.

  • Information provided to the User

Padova Colombia S.L., makes available to users “the Privacy Policy of the company”, informing users regarding the following aspects:

Those responsible for the processing of your data are:


  • PADOVA COLOMBIA SL. company currently operating in Spain selling PADOVA brand products. 
  • Postal address: Calle Serrano 46 Madrid, Spain
  • Email address of the Data Protection Officer:


In other words, PADOVA (hereinafter referred to as “We”), is the data controller. This means that we are responsible for processing and protecting your personal data.


Depending on the products, services or functionalities that you want to enjoy at any given time we will need to treat some data or others, which in general will be, depending on the case, the following:

  • your identification data (e.g. your first name, last name, image, language and country from which you interact with us, contact details, etc.);
  • financial and transactional information (e.g. your payment or card details, information about your purchases, orders, returns, etc.);
  • connection, geolocation and navigation data (e.g., location data, device identification number or advertising ID);
  • commercial information (for example, if you are subscribed to our newsletter),
  • data about your tastes and preferences.


Remember that, when we ask you to fill in your personal data to give you access to some functionality or service of the Platform, we will mark some fields as mandatory, since they are data that we need to provide you with the service or give you access to the functionality in question. Please note that if you choose not to provide us with this information, you may not be able to complete your registration as a user or you may not be able to enjoy those services or functionalities.

In other cases, we may passively collect information by using tracking tools, such as browser cookies or other similar technologies from our Platform or from communications we send to you. In such cases, we will only process your data in connection with that functionality or service, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy and Cookie Policy.


In such cases, we will only process your data in connection with that functionality or service, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Depending on how you interact with our Platform, we will process your personal data for the following purposes:



+ info

1. To manage your registration as a user of the Platform

In case you decide to register as a user on our Platform, we need to process your data to identify you as a user of the Platform and give you access to its different functionalities, products and services that are available to you as a registered user. You can cancel your registered user account by contacting us through Customer Service.

We inform you that the data we collect about your activity, obtained through the different channels of the Platform, including your purchases, will remain linked to your account so that all information can be accessed at once.


+ info


2. For the development, fulfillment and execution of the contract of sale or services that you have contracted with Us on the Platform.

This purpose includes the processing of your data for, mainly:

  • Contact you in relation to updates or informative communications related to the functionalities, products or services contracted, including sending quality surveys about the products or services provided.
  • Manage the payment of the products you purchase, regardless of the payment method used. For example:
  • if when purchasing any of our products through the Web or the App, you choose to activate the functionality of saving your payment details and your shipping address for future purchases, we need to process the data indicated for the activation and development of such functionality. The consent for the activation of this functionality allows your payment details to appear autocompleted in subsequent purchases so that you do not have to re-enter them in each new process, and they will be considered valid and valid for subsequent purchases. You will be able to modify or delete your payment information at any time through the section corresponding to the payment information, either in your registered user account on the Web, or in the My Account section of the App.
  • Activate the necessary mechanisms to prevent and detect unauthorized use of the Platform (e.g., to prevent authorized uses of the Platform (for example, during the purchase or return processes), as well as potential fraud against you or against us. If we consider that the transaction may be fraudulent or we detect abnormal behavior that indicates an attempt of fraudulent use of our functionalities, products or services, this process may have consequences such as blocking the transaction or deleting your user account.


+ info

  • To manage possible exchanges or returns once you have made a purchase and to manage requests for information on the availability of garments, product reservations through the Platform.
  • For billing purposes and to make available to you the tickets and invoices for purchases you have made on the Platform.
  • To guarantee the use of other functionalities or services to the extent that they are available, such as the purchase, reception, management and use of the Gift Card or Gift Ticket, as well as to facilitate access to and use of the Wi-Fi that we make available to our customers in the Physical Store.
  • In order to offer you through the App certain services (such as the item finder, fitting room reservation, etc.), available in some Physical Stores, we need to process your location and contact information.

3. To attend the requests or requests you make through Customer Service channels

We only process personal data that is strictly necessary to process or resolve your request or to manage or resolve your request or request.

In the event that you choose to use WhatsApp as a channel to communicate with Customer Service, we will provide your phone number to WhatsApp Inc. to verify that you are a user of this service. We recommend that you review your privacy settings and read WhatsApp’s privacy policy for more detailed information about WhatsApp’s use of personal data of users who use its services.

If available, and you choose to use WhatsApp to communicate with Customer Service, we recommend that you review your privacy settings and read WhatsApp’s privacy policy for more detailed information.


+ info


detailed information about WhatsApp’s use of personal data of users who use its services.

If available, and you choose to communicate with Customer Service through the chat service of a social network or other partner, some of your data, such as your name or username, will be imported from your social network or partner account. You should also be aware that the data you enter in this service will be available to your social network or partner and will be subject to their privacy policies. Therefore, we recommend that you review your privacy settings and read the privacy policy of the social network or partner to obtain detailed information about the use they make of your personal data when using their services.

4. For marketing purposes

This purpose includes the processing of your data for, mainly:

  • To personalize the services we offer you and to be able to make recommendations based on your interaction with us through the Platform and analysis of your user profile (e.g., based on your purchase and browsing history).
  • To the extent that you subscribe to our Newsletter, we will process your personal data to manage your subscription, including sending personalized information about our products or services through various means (such as email or SMS). We may also send you this information through push notifications if you have activated them on your device.
    • Therefore, please note that this data processing involves the analysis of your user or customer profile to determine what your preferences are and therefore which products and services may best suit your style when sending you information. For example, based on your shopping and browsing history (i.e., based on the items you have clicked on), we will make suggestions about products that we believe may be of interest to you and, if you are a registered user, we will provide you with “cart recovery” functionality.
    • Remember that you can unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time and at no cost through the “Newsletter” section of the Platform, as well as through the instructions provided in each communication. If you do not wish to receive push notifications, you can deactivate this option on your device.
  • Show you Internet advertisements that you will see when you browse websites and apps, for example, on social networks. The advertisements you see may be displayed randomly, but in other


+ info


Sometimes it is advertising that may be related to your purchase history, preferences and browsing history.

  • If you use social networks, we may provide certain information to companies with which we collaborate so that they, as joint controllers, can show you ads from our brand and generally provide you and users like you with ads that relate to your profile on these social networks. If you would like information about the use of your data and the operation of advertisements on these social networks, we recommend that you review the information about your privacy on the social networks in which you participate.
  • In addition, we use your data to perform measurement and targeting analysis of the ads we show to users on some partner platforms. To do so, we collaborate with these third parties who provide us with the necessary technology (e.g., through cookies, pixels, SDKs) to use these services. Please note that we may need to provide them with certain information or some kind of identifier each time (e.g., the advertising ID associated with the device, an identifier associated with a cookie, etc.). If you would like more information in this regard, you can review our Cookie Policy. You can also reset your advertising ID or disable ad personalization on your device by modifying your preferences in the settings section of your device.
  • Data Enrichment: When we obtain your personal data from various sources, we may combine it in certain circumstances in order to improve our understanding of your needs and preferences in relation to our products and services (including for the purposes of analytics, generating usage profiles, marketing studies, quality surveys and improving interaction with our customers). By this we mean, for example, how we combine your information if you have a registered account and, with the email linked to that account, make a purchase as a guest, or automatically compiled information (such as IP or MAC addresses or metadata) that we may link to information you have provided to us directly through your activity on the Platform or in one of our stores (for example, information related to your purchases in online or physical stores, your preferences, etc.).
  • To carry out promotional actions (for example, for the development of contests or sending your list of saved items to the email address you provide). By participating in any promotional action, you authorize us to process the data you provide depending on each promotional action and we can communicate them through various means such as social networks or on the Platform itself. In each promotional action in which you participate you will have available the legal bases where we will provide you with more detailed information about the processing of your data.


+ info

  • Disseminate on the Platform or through our social media channels photographs or images that you have shared publicly, provided that you give us your consent to do so.

5. Usability and quality analysis for the improvement of our services

If you access our Platform, we inform you that we will treat your browsing data for analytical and statistical purposes, i.e. to understand how users interact with our Platform and with the actions we carry out on other websites and apps, in order to improve our services.

Likewise, we sometimes carry out actions and quality surveys aimed at knowing the degree of satisfaction of our customers and users and detect those areas in which we can improve.


To fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, it is necessary that we give access to your personal data to PADOVA COLOMBIA SL. and to third parties that support us in the services we offer you, namely:

  • financial institutions,
  • fraud detection and prevention entities,
  • technological and analytical service providers,
  • providers and collaborators of logistics, transport and delivery services or their associated establishments,
  • providers of services related to customer care,
  • marketing and advertising service providers and partners, such as advertising agencies, advertising partners or social networks that, in certain cases, may act as joint controllers.

For service efficiency, some of the above-mentioned service providers are located in territories outside the European Economic Area that do not provide a level of data protection comparable to that of the European Union. In such cases, we inform you that we transfer your data with adequate guarantees and always maintaining the security of your data, as we use the most appropriate tools for the international transfer of data, such as the Standard Contractual Clauses or any other measure.


We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of your personal data and to guaranteeing you the exercise of your rights. You can exercise them free of charge by sending us an email to our address simply indicating the reason for your request and the right you want to exercise. If we consider it necessary to identify you, we may ask you for a copy of a document proving your identity.

We may also offer you the possibility to exercise your rights and configure your privacy preferences when using some of our services or by making specific channels available to you within our Platform.

In particular, regardless of the purpose or legal basis under which we process your data, you have the right to:


  • Ask us for access to the data we have about you. We remind you that if you are a registered user of the Platform you can also consult this information in the section corresponding to your personal data.
  • Ask us to rectify the data we already have about you. Remember that if you are a registered user of the Platform you can also access the section corresponding to your personal data in your account to modify or update your personal data. However, please note that by actively providing us with your personal information in any way, you warrant that it is true and accurate and you agree to notify us of any changes or modifications to your personal information. Any loss or damage caused to the Platform or the person responsible for the Platform or any third party by reason of the communication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration forms shall be the sole responsibility of the user. Please remember that as a general rule you should only provide us with your own personal data, not those of third parties, except as permitted in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.
  • Ask us to delete your data to the extent that they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which we need to treat them as we have informed you above, or that we no longer have the legitimacy to do so.

  • Ask us to limit the processing of your data, which means that in certain cases you can ask us to temporarily suspend the processing of your data or to keep it longer than necessary when you may need it.

If you have provided us with your consent to the processing of your data for any purpose, you also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Some of the ways in which you can withdraw your consent are explained in section 2 in which we explain the purposes for which we process your data.

In the event that you do not want information to be sent to third parties to show you ads, you have several ways, such as changing the preferences on your device, browser or cookie settings, reviewing the privacy policy and settings of social networks in which you have a profile or send us an email with your request to the address above.

When our legitimacy for the processing of your data is your consent or the execution of the contract, you will also have the right to request the portability of your personal data. This means that you have the right to receive the personal data you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, so that it can be transmitted to another entity directly, where technically possible.

Moreover, where the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest, you also have the right to object to the processing of your data.


We offer functionalities or services that require us to process the personal data of a third party that you, as a user or as a customer, provide to us, such as for the activation and sending of the Gift Card or the management of the Gift Ticket application (where these functions are available) or when you authorize a third party to pick up an order in our stores or partner establishments. If you provide us with personal data of third parties or if it is necessary for us to ask them to collect an order on your behalf, you warrant that you have informed them about the purposes for which and the manner in which we need to process their personal data.

If a third party has provided us with your data or you have provided them yourself as a result of a functionality or service requested by one of our users, we will use them to manage the functionality or service that is being developed in each case, within the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and Cookies, whose link we usually include in our communications.


We may change the information contained in this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do, we will notify you in a variety of ways through the Platform (for example, through a banner, pop-up or push notification), or we will notify you at your email address when the change in question is significant to your privacy, so that you can review the changes, assess them and, if appropriate, object or unsubscribe to any service or functionality. In any case, we suggest that you review this Privacy Policy from time to time in case there are minor changes or we introduce any interactive improvements, taking advantage of the fact that you will always find it as a permanent point of information on our Web.


We use cookies and similar devices to facilitate your navigation on the Platform, to know how you interact with Us and, in certain cases, to be able to show you advertising based on your browsing habits. Please read our Cookies Policy to learn more about the cookies and similar devices we use, their purpose and how to manage your preferences, as well as other information of interest.

  • Principles applicable to the processing of personal data

The processing of the User’s personal data shall be subject to the following principles contained in Article 5 of the RGPD and in Article 4 and following of the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights:

  • Principle of lawfulness, fairness and transparency: the consent of the User will be required at all times after fully transparent information of the purposes for which personal data is collected.
  • Principle of purpose limitation: personal data will be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.
  • Principle of data minimization: the personal data collected will be only those strictly necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.
  • Accuracy principle: personal data must be accurate and always up to date.
  • Principle of limitation of the storage period: personal data shall only be kept in such a way as to allow the identification of the User for the time necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.
  • Principle of integrity and confidentiality: personal data will be processed in such a way as to ensure their security and confidentiality.
  • Principle of proactive responsibility: the controller shall be responsible for ensuring that the above principles are complied with.

  • Type and origin of data

Navigation data

During their ordinary operation, the computer systems and procedures used to operate our Web Site collect certain personal data (log files). The transmission of such data is inherent to the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected in order to be associated with specific data subjects. However, due to its nature, this information may make it possible to identify users by processing and integrating it with data held by third parties. Such information includes the IP addresses or domain names of the computers you use to visit our Website, the URLs (Uniform Resource Identifiers), the time of the request, the method used to send the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical status code of the server response (successful communication, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the user’s operating system and computing environment. These data will be used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of our Web Site and to ensure its correct functioning.


Our Website uses cookies to ensure its efficient operation and to improve our services. Cookies are small text files sent to your computer (usually your browser) by websites you visit. Cookies are stored on your computer so that they can be recognized by those websites on subsequent visits. For more information about cookies, the types of cookies used on our Website, how to disable them and how to revoke your consent, please see our cookie policy.

What are cookies used for on this website? Cookies are an essential part of how our website works. The main purpose of our cookies is to improve your browsing experience. For example, to remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during navigation and on future visits. The information collected in cookies also allows us to improve the website, by estimating numbers and usage patterns, tailoring the website to individual user interests, speeding up searches, etc. Occasionally, if we have obtained your prior informed consent, we may use cookies, tags or other similar devices to obtain information that allows us to show you from our website, those of third parties, or any other means, advertising based on the analysis of your browsing habits.

How can I prevent the use of cookies on this website? If you prefer to avoid the use of cookies on this page taking into account the above limitations you must, first, disable in your browser the use of cookies and, secondly, delete the cookies stored in your browser associated with this website. This possibility of avoiding the use of cookies can be carried out by you at any time.

How do I disable and delete the use of cookies? To restrict, block or delete cookies from this website you can do so, at any time, by modifying the settings of your browser according to the guidelines below. Although the configuration of each browser is different, it is common for cookies to be configured in the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu. For more details on how to configure cookies in your browser, please consult your browser’s “Help” menu.

Personal Data provided voluntarily by the interested party

PADOVA will collect and process Personal Data that you provide directly and voluntarily through our Website when you place orders online, register on our Website, subscribe to our newsletter or contact our Customer Service. PADOVA will also collect and process Personal Data that you may provide when filling out our Customer Card in our stores. This includes, for example, your first and last name, your postal and e-mail address, your telephone number and your date of birth. In addition, when you voluntarily send an e-mail through our Web Site or to the addresses indicated on our Web Site, we will collect your e-mail address in order to respond to any request, as well as any Personal Data contained in your message.


  • Purposes of treatment

Your Personal Data may be processed for the provision of services for the following purposes:

(a) to respond to all your requests and to manage your dealings with PADOVA

(b) to fulfill your purchase orders and to perform all management activities related thereto (including administrative management of contracts, delivery of goods, processing of payment, handling of any claims or disputes and prevention of fraud) and to comply with any applicable legal obligations or regulations.

Furthermore, subject to your prior consent, your Personal Data may be included in the PADOVA Group’s customer database, managed by PADOVA S.A.S., and processed together with the details of your purchases for the following purposes:

(c) Analysis to conduct individual or group studies, surveys, statistics and/or market research based on your preferences regarding our products, so that we can provide you with a personalized service and promote culture and leisure activities that may be of interest to you.

(d) Marketing to contact you and/or send you (by mail, telephone, e-mail and any other means of electronic communication) information and promotions, including commercial information, newsletters, advertising material, catalogs and invitations to events related to PADOVA Group products and services.



  • Treatment methods

Your Personal Data will be processed through appropriate electronic or automated means and computerized tools, or manually and in paper format, exclusively for the purposes for which they were collected and ensuring the security and confidentiality of any information processed. Your Personal Data will only be processed by internal PADOVA Group staff duly authorized to do so by virtue of their respective job duties. Your Personal Data may also be processed by third parties to the extent necessary or instrumental to the aforementioned purposes. Such third parties will act on behalf of PADOVA as external data processors (e.g. service providers, carriers, IT technicians or any other providers appointed by PADOVA to carry out or manage any promotional campaigns for PADOVA’s products and services, etc.).

We would like to remind you that if you consent to the processing of your Personal Data for the purposes set out in paragraph 2 (c) and (d) above, your data will automatically be visible and shared with all PADOVA Group stores (within and outside the European Union), with PADOVA taking all appropriate security and confidentiality measures required by applicable law.


  • Nature of the provision of personal data

The provision of your Personal Data is optional.

However, if you wish to place a purchase order concerning products offered on our Website, receive information about PADOVA Group products and services, contact our Customer Service or use any other services offered by PADOVA Group, you will have to fill in all mandatory fields of the relevant forms.

The processing of your Personal Data for the purposes indicated in letters (c) and (d) of paragraph 2 above is subject to your prior express consent. Refusal of consent will simply result in the impossibility to offer you a personalized service and to inform you of any initiatives that may be of interest to you or to send you any other commercial information about products, initiatives and events of the PADOVA Group.

You may withdraw your consent to our processing of your Personal Data at any time by writing to PADOVA, Calle Serrano 46 (Madrid), by sending an email to, by using the “unsubscribe” link included in all our commercial electronic communications, or by any other appropriate procedures that may be made available to you.



  • Data transfer and disclosure

Where necessary or instrumental to the above purposes, your Personal Data may be processed on behalf of PADOVA by other entities acting as data controllers, including:

  • the companies operating the stores of the PADOVA Group;
  • the companies, consultants and firms providing advisory or consulting services, or performing related and instrumental services for data processing on behalf of PADOVA.

As PADOVA is part of an international network and uses worldwide services your Personal Data may be transferred abroad in accordance with applicable law, including to countries outside the European Union where PADOVA would defend its interests, by adopting all security measures and safeguards to ensure an appropriate level of data security.

Your Personal Data will not be used for third party advertising purposes or for the promotion of products, services or initiatives of entities outside the PADOVA Group, nor will it be disclosed to persons unknown to you under any circumstances.



  • Duration of treatment

Your Personal Data will be processed and retained for the time required for the purposes for which they were collected and in accordance with the retention periods provided for by applicable law, or until you withdraw your consent to the processing, if applicable. After this period, your Personal Data will be automatically and permanently deleted or anonymized.


  • Data Controllers

For the purpose of managing and executing your online shopping orders mentioned in paragraph 2 letter (b) above The Data Controller is PADOVA COLOMBIA S.L. Please contact the Data Controller in writing to PADOVA S.L., Calle de Serrano, 46, Madrid (Spain) or by sending an email to

For the other purposes of the data processing referred to in paragraph 2 (a), (c) and (d) above, the Data Controller is PADOVA S.A.S. Please contact the Data Controller or the Data Protection Officer (DPO) in writing to PADOVA COLOMBIA SL (Madrid) or by sending an e-mail to



  • Rights of the interested party

We inform you that any user of PADOVA may exercise against the controller the following rights recognized in the GDPR and the Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5, 2018, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (15 to 21 GDPR):

  • Right of access: This is the right of the User to obtain confirmation of whether or not PADOVA is processing his personal data and, if so, to obtain information about his specific personal data and the processing that PADOVA has carried out or will carry out, as well as, among other things, the available information about the origin of such data and the recipients of the communications made or planned for such data.
  • Right of rectification: This is the User’s right to have his/her personal data amended if it proves to be inaccurate or, taking into account the purposes of the processing, incomplete.
  • Right of deletion (“the right to be forgotten”): This is the User’s right, unless otherwise provided for by the legislation in force, to obtain the erasure of his or her personal data when such data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed; the User has withdrawn his or her consent to the processing and the processing has no other lawful basis; the User objects to the processing and there is no other legitimate reason to continue the processing; the personal data have been processed unlawfully; the personal data must be deleted in compliance with a legal obligation; or the personal data have been obtained as a result of a direct offer of information society services to a minor under 14 years of age. In addition to erasure, the controller shall, taking into account available technology and the cost of implementation, take reasonable steps to inform controllers who are processing the personal data of the data subject’s request for erasure of any link to that personal data.
  • Right to limitation of processing: This is the User’s right to limit the processing of his/her personal data. The User has the right to obtain the limitation of processing when he/she contests the accuracy of his/her personal data; the processing is unlawful; the controller no longer needs the personal data, but the User needs it to make claims; and when the User has objected to the processing.
  • Right to data portability: Where processing is carried out by automated means, the User shall have the right to receive from the controller his or her personal data in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format and to transmit it to another controller. Where technically feasible, the controller shall transmit the data directly to such other controller.
  • Right to object: This is the User’s right not to have his or her personal data processed or to cease the processing of such data by PADOVA.
  • Right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling: The right of the User not to be subject to an individualized decision based solely on automated processing of his or her personal data, including profiling, unless otherwise provided for by applicable law.

How can I exercise my rights? The user may exercise their rights by written communication addressed to the data controller specifying:

  • Name, surname of the user and copy of ID card. In cases where representation is admitted, it will also be necessary the identification by the same means of the person representing the User, as well as the document proving the representation. The photocopy of the DNI may be substituted by any other means valid in law that proves the identity.
  • Request with the specific reasons for the request or information to be accessed.
  • Address for notification purposes.
  • Date and signature of the applicant.
  • Any document that accredits the request.

This application and any attachments may be sent to the following address and/or e-mail address:

  • Mailing Address: Calle de Serrano, 46, Madrid (Spain)
  • E-mail:

You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. The withdrawal of your consent will not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on it prior to it. 

  • Complaints to the Control Authority


In the event that the User considers that there is a problem or infringement of the regulations in force in the way in which their personal data are being processed, they will have the right to effective judicial protection and to file a claim with a supervisory authority, in particular, in the State in which they have their habitual residence,  place of work or place of the alleged infringement. 

In the case of Spain, the supervisory authority is the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

  • Contact


If you have any questions about your Personal Data, this Privacy Policy or how you could exercise your rights, you can contact the Data Controller or the DPO free of charge through the contact details indicated in section 8.


  • Acceptance and Changes to the Privacy Policy

It is necessary that the User has read and agrees with the conditions on the protection of personal data contained in this Privacy Policy, as well as that he accepts the processing of his personal data so that the person responsible for the treatment can proceed to it in the manner, during the periods and for the purposes indicated. 

PADOVA reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy, according to its own criteria, or motivated by a legislative, jurisprudential or doctrinal change of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

This Privacy Policy was updated to adapt to the current European Union Regulation on data protection, as well as to Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights.


Padova Colombia S.L. is deeply committed to compliance with Spanish regulations on the protection of personal data, and guarantees full compliance with the obligations set forth, as well as the implementation of the security measures set forth in Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (LOPD).

Last updated: July 13, 2023.

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